FLOSS, Death of / Post-Open Source

I’ve had a blog post about loosing my faith in free software, bubbling up in me for some time. It’s still cooking. But this article right here outlines a lot of the players and reasons even if I don’t agree with necessarily all of it’s conclusions.

Interesting reading.

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Copyright is based on the concept of state-sponsored violence to enforce it. Based on that I choose software based on the least amount of violence expected.

“Free” and “open” don’t really play into it for me. I wanted to play a game by its rules, but copyright is a fucked game of Monopoly where everyone cheats and the rules book is 1000s of pages long, and I can’t personally handle that.

I’m out here fighting entropy and fascists, the tools I use can’t be of an entropic or faschist nature. Unfortunately a software license doesn’t really signal as much.

Haha, I was wondering why I wasn’t addressing that… maybe because I consider talkgroup an essay on losing faith and reconstructing, as a spiritual practice. :slight_smile: