Formats for publishing interviews with many people

Heya peeps, recently Clover and I sent some questions to a couple of friends about an adventure they had, and they responded to the questions separately over email.

That’s the setup!

Okay, I want to turn this correspondence into hypertext. It will be great, because they provided URLs to resources and we have some images to include. I will be able to really show Clover how the document comes together, and why we craft it as we do.

My query comes to the format of the actual text. I’ve seen interviews where they designate who is talking a few ways:

  • Emboldened paragraphs from the interviewer, default style for answers from the interviewee.
  • Log style, ex. “maiki: The thing? Clover: Yeah, the thing.”
  • Avatars, either single profile or bunches of pictures. Not really into this one, just mentioning.
  • Quoted, as maiki remarks, “You see this in newspapers, for instance.”

How should I present the questions and answers? We essentially have three parties, though I merely dictated and cleaned up Clover’s questions, so I am okay being an editor in this case. So a three-participant interview. How should that look?! :slight_smile:

I am also looking for more generalized information on formating styles. I was gonna hit up a few style manuals to glimpse guidance from the past, but if there is something neat and novel in this area, let me know!