Game campaign and mechanics

Gonna drop my game ideas here, since they are getting in the way of my other notes. :grimacing:

The Archives

The players are Archivists, and have been commissioned to gather materials to document the founding of the Nation for an anniversary.

The idea is each chapter looks at a different aspect of one or more groups of people, and the event is played through and documented. Then, as an editorial board, the players decide which part of the narrative fits as the next chapter.

During chapters, each archivist takes on one or more roles, including being a GM-type role. Some of that troupe-style gameplay we always hear about from Ars Magica.

Characters can be carried between chapters, but the format allows for one-off chapters, gaidens, dual plots, opposing viewpoints, or ya know, like, photo essays or long form epic poetry. Nation’s are into weird documents.

The format can be tweaked to genre, for example:

  • Fantasy: Archivists can experience the aura of objects kept
  • Cyber: Virtual landscapes are created and destroyed as fast as quantum processors phase, and you have N decades of hi-res media to construct your realities
  • Horror: the document is a dark pact that keeps the evil forces at bay, each archivist shares a secret with a demon. They think.
  • War: each chapter happens on a grid, when a character dies they get to somehow talk as long as they need to make a really great historical anecdote
  • Weird science: the Archive is accessed Stone Henge, Area 51, and all Waffle Houses on Thursdays, and you are pretty sure one of your coworkers is an alien, time-traveler, or figment of your imagination. But certainly not all three.

A Dragon could be any tech designated as overtly powerful. Dragonslayers are teams that dispose of them safely.

Vengeful Spirits know Our Plans! A game of dungeon conquering gone awry, with over the top miasma dispelling, dungeon action, and soul sucking fun.

No other context, but gosh I’d check that out based on the name along!

I think it was a two phase board game RPG, where an “adventuring party” does their planning, and draws cards/tiles to generate “the plan”, based on lore and character abilities. But then they put all the tiles on the map (or draw them to generate on the go), and it turns out some spirits just straight up took their plans and created various issues to overcome, all intended to wipe out the party.

Reality, our world, is shielded from an enemy that is constantly searching for it. And if it discovers the coordinates, we are fucked.

So the most talented people in the world are chosen to protect it. This is secret, and the reason for “heroes”.


MI that protect a community. Gathers mecha to protect orga, and develop their steading.

Conglomerates as power sources, classes different brands/models of mecha. The MI is a human pattern in a Core, synced with the mecha.

Ghost traits are feats for individual units, quirks of the machine.

Energy has a limited, and can’t be held for long. Models have different slots, different energy.

“Sync” is definitely a mechanic, and turns up each round. A Portable Communion is created to send units through a port. Non-Portable Communions can’t use porting tech the same way.

Blobber mecahnics, make it easy to put in commands.

Losing has a chance to lose currency, and unit parts, but the PC retains experience for unlocks.

Murder Hobos: Have Fun Storming the Castle

Puce Kestral

Create a game that randomizes colors and birds to create castles to storm, for gold and objects.

Takes place during the 1st era of Murder Hobo Primeline.

Sex: Yes/No :rofl:

Have you ever read Beowulf and thought, “I would murder that demon up!” This is your game moho. This is your GAME!

A time traveler goes to the future to get an object, but the object didn’t survive.

When they receive the item, they get instructions saying they have to journey to this mountain and learn to send their mind into the past to tell themselves to add protection to the object. Time paradox otherwise.

Oh! A neat game: each level is your character overcoming a horrible fate, by breaking or reinforcing a time loop.

  • prologue: sets initial loop settings
  • themes: over time, the loop settings get their themes reinforced. Things might change for others, but the character (or at least player) remembers

Imagine ActRaiser + the atmosphere changes in SimCity Societies.

Realized this works as a central loop for rogue. Completing something (tasks, completions?), allows turning on “time sinks”, which change the game based on time travel tropes.

Heartwood, dark energy grown into shape. Weighs as much as wood, but can be activated.

So-called due to it attuning to the wielder, and becoming part of their residual self in the dreaming.

Cthonic: panpsychic prisons for swarms, trapped in planets.

Organ Trail

To get all the pieces of the dark lord back, while gathering an army of undead.

Few disciples still exist, all rivals. They compete to gather together the pieces and survive long enough to resurrect their master.

Each game round lasts however long, and will end when one player gets all the parts.

The Magic Hand of the Market

Game around buying and selling magic items. Oh! There’s my ascension game! Using magic items to obliterate dungeon dwellers.

Wizard-Merchants send Murder-Hobos to take their weapons into dungeon for loot. That allows characters that can die and be recycled! Same with magic items. Better be careful sending in a weak party!

Each member multiplies their value against the challenge, for finding loot.

The resource types are money and magic . Buy and do stuff with money and magic. Makes sense for this game. :slight_smile:

geopolictical incorporated

Defense contractors left on world in arcologies. They advance weaponry to such a level they become feudal, but maintain a balance. That is, until the agriculture and cafe guilds dissent, and field mercenaries to defend them, creating a new system of government.

mana punk

The Journey to the Stars

When the crystal world called the capital ships they constructed the dreaming, a network all sapients share in.

In this other world, because they were in an induced coma state, humanity was able to understand itself in a near singularity. After banishing the enemy, the survivors formed new collectives and followed through with the plan: they parted ways in order to find their own worlds.

They all arrive at different times, and the dream is no longer bolstered by enemy interference, so humanity drifts apart, becoming distinct once more.

The planetary systems have core systems that have gate systems that make them easy to defend, and easy to send teams out to explore.

humanity reset

There are a few dozen capital ships that leave before the slice. Then, the bulk of the ships leave at once, scattered across the galaxy. Some of them sync and go to the Crystal Earth.

time roster

On the second loop, entire worlds have to be abandoned, in order to avoid paradox. The roster will become aware of an org that is aware of them.

In order to control this, the org adapted some of the AI ships to assist. They are the Invisible Hand.

The Conflict worlds are always touched by the invisible hand, and those people lose touch with the connection.

Therefore they are generally disliked by the core worlds. Of course the advanced orders at least have an inkling of a greater purpose, and the fact they produce the galaxies best seers and oracles doesn’t hurt.

Archive is a form of magic, to traverse terra stata collective consciousnesses to find answers. Depending on the answer sought and methods used, this can cost a practitioner dearly.

Our Godly Affairs: RPG campaign for high level immortals, policing the others.