Goldmark (CommonMark compliant) is now merged and the new default (Hugo)

This is a good thing. I’m going to cut a release some time next week. If you can build from source and want to take it for a spin, please read first – and esp. note the reference to the updated docs (yes, I have done the work properly this time, I think). And note:

  • While this will fix many reported formatting issues, being CommonMark compliant also means “stricter” in some areas (there are 17 rules about how a heading should look like), so there may also be some markup that you need to adjust.
  • I fully expect some “Hugo 0.60 broke my site” issues when I release this, which is the utlimate irony of open source. Read the documentation, especially the Goldmark config section, to see if there are some options you can set to get what you want. You can also set blackfriday to be the default for md/markdown if you for some reason want to stick with the old.

This will ultimately fix more issues than it creates, as we have years of backlog requests to tweak something in blackfriday.