Hosting sites and other things from my home, a journey of self-discovery!

I am embarking on a quest to have a small stack of Raspberry Pi 3 B+'s at my desk, all hosting various things.

I am fortunate to be in an area where I can have a fiber connection. On average I get about 800Mb/s up and down, so hosting things here should be a piece of cake.

Things to do:

  • Install GUI-less Raspbian on my old Pi [done!]
  • Install nginx, php7, mariaDB, redis on it, configure a test site [in progress]
  • Get my router to forward traffic properly [done!]
  • Test install a new instance of on a pi, see how it performs
  • Research how to best handle several servers behind a router, each hosting several different domains.
  • With everything I’ve learned, try to automate spinning up a new RPi, configured for hosting, with above packages. (ansible?)

I’ll add more to the above list as I need it, and will be turning these into links to their own respective topics. This is going to be a fairly long process I think, and I am okay with that.


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Are you mounting them in a container? How does one “stack” RPis?

With a case like this! It’s like ~$25.

External drives, if any, will be next to this stack. I can also get another 4-stack and add to this, if I ever really want to.

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OMFG, I totally want to do that, now!

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I’m doing just one to start, to see the performance for myself. If it’s remotely alright I’m going nuts! And if I can configure a new Pi with a simple ansible command, that makes things pretty awesome.

Things are getting serious over here. :slight_smile:

Stackable case and new Pi (3 B+) just delivered!

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I’ve flashed the Raspbian lite onto the 64GB card, that’s about it so far.

I want to test the new Pi before putting it in the stackable case, hopefully I’ll do that tonight.

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