Thoughts on desired specs/costs of sites hosted on RPi's?

Hi gang, as I’m getting more serious on my home hosting capabilities (see Hosting sites and other things from my home, a journey of self-discovery!) I am curious about specs people would want.

Here are my initial thoughts.

A single Raspberry Pi 3 B+, for low traffic sites would have:

  • 1 x 64GB MicroSD A2 card
  • 50GB would be allocated for hosting
  • Static sites would get between 1-5GB of storage
  • Dynamic sites could get 5GB storage, this would include MariaDB databases
  • I’d use that 50GB storage getting carved up for various sites to be the limiting factor in number of sites to host on single RPi.

A single Raspberry Pi 3 B+, for high traffic sites would have:

  • 1 x 128GB MicroSD A2 card
  • 110GB would be allocated for hosting
  • Static sites would get 5GB of storage
  • Dynamic sites could get 25GB storage, this would include MariaDB databases, redis, etc
  • I’d use that 110GB storage getting carved up for various sites to be the limiting factor in number of sites to host on single RPi.

As far as costs go, I have funds for one more RPi to get us to hosting capabilities. My Gigibit fiber is $100/month. If we want static IPs:

  • 8 (5 usable): $15/month
  • 16 (13 usable): $25/month
  • 32 (29 usable): $30/month
  • 64 (61 usable): $35/month
  • 128 (125 usable): $40/month

I’d also want to get a UPS to power this rack of RPis + router and such. They are around $60.

I do not have a good feel for the value to people here. What is it worth for sites hosted by Raspberry Pi’s, using solar energy?



Would it be possible to ignore the pricing of the static IP address and just an exteral domain name service that supports dynamic IP address combined with and just relying on virtualhosts? Especially for low traffic sites or static sites, this seems ideal. As their likely all being served by the same raspberry pi anyway, no?


I am 100% for this if others are. I wasn’t sure if it would be considered acceptable!

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Ive lost the thread of something. Are you hosting stuff for yourself? for others? for talkgroup? Is this expanding to like a solar powered raspberry pi hosting service for the public?

I went back and read a few raspberry-pi-hosting threads but it’s not clear to me.

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I’d be happy if other talkgroupers wanted to host at my house! I am also planning on hosting some of my stuff here.

I’ve been considering if I want to load up all my stuff on CDNs, or if I’d rather host it on a tiny webserver somewhere. And then I read up on web caching, and CDNs don’t cut it for me. I really like the idea of a browser storing a copy and occasionally checking if it is fresh. We have clear headers to do this, which means if a browser is cool, most folks won’t ever need to download a page from me after the first time, unless it’s changed.

CDNs kinda do this at the network layer, but I like browser caching, as it is closer to building a syncing hypertext archive, and that’s mah goal!

Okay, so what does that have to do with this? We’ll, I would like to build up interi as a hypertext repository that takes the best steps to sustaining itself responsibly. Solar-powered low-energy device with information architecture to support best practices… that appeals to me greatly!

It doesn’t give me any thoughts or data to share, unfortunately. I mean, I don’t need a dedicated IP, but I don’t know how big images get. Really, it’s about images. Will I eventually host all the images online? I don’t know. But maybe it makes sense for them to be stored elsewhere. Or maybe it is slow enough to build up more drives later, as needed.


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I wanted to point something out: when I mirror a repo from GitHub onto ATC, the page loads immediately. It was noticeable then, but I just now put it together that ATC is at your house! That means the RPi works great, but also your pipe brought down ~100MB, near instantly!

That’s impressive.

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It is actually not! It is a Linode server. I had an aging $50 credit, so i put ATC and my new blag engine there.

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This is what I keep struggling with. Yes it would be cheaper to have a couple terabytes of storage here, but we put our pictures up on a server for redundancy. Dropbox, for all it’s annoying things, has things backed up everywhere. If I had drives here, and my house fell down, data would be lost.

If we did a data backup somewhere on a service… then it kind of begs the question to just put the content there in the first place.

I keep mentally walking this circle…