How to Secure My WooCommerce Store?

I like the WP Rocket folks, and their posts are normally pretty useful, compared to the filler most dev blogs pump out to get pageviews.

Anyhow, I am making a note here so I can write a better version of this, using my new playlist format.

The 12 things listed in the article are:

  1. Using security plugins
  2. Choosing a secure host for your website
  3. Understanding the importance of updates
  4. Understanding the importance of updates
  5. Enabling two factor authentication (2FA)
  6. Limiting login attempts
  7. Limiting linkbacks on the website
  8. Using secure payment gateways
  9. Not using a free theme
  10. Adding Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  11. Checking the settings of FTP directories
  12. Making frequent and multiple back-ups

It is generally good advice, but I would organize it differently, and some of these items are very DIY, which is the point of the article, for people running their first store, but I want to speak to it from the angle of a professional hosting provider, and go into more detail for each area. If someone is going to DIY, they should have all the knowledge required to keep their customers secure and private.

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