I hate Atari

The other day we purchased Diamond version of Neverwinter Nights. We now have enough copies for each person in our house that will play (Jason isn’t a gamer anymore, whatever that means). However, despite having enough copies with don’t have enough CD-keys. The Diamond edition of the game comes with Neverwinter Nights, Shadows of Undrentide, and Hordes of the Underdark. One normally receives three CD-keys, one for each. This is ridiculous in itself, of course, as they 35 characters long (7 sets of 5). I thought I got lucky when they were all the same. Not so much…

When I went to play the game asked me for the SoU CD-key. When I put it in the game said it was not valid, and when I press cancel the game quits. According to the Bioware’s Known Issues page:

A very small portion of the latest run of NWN Diamond edition was manufactured incorrectly. Atari erroneously included 3 identical CD-keys with the package and as such it will not install or play.

They go on to give directions in filling out the support form to get the keys back. I did so 4 days ago. I haven’t heard back.

This is what I am pissed about:

  • Atari has a simple task, print CD-keys, and they fuck it up
  • They do not have a phone number in North America
  • They have no responded to my query except with an automated message
  • I bought the game over a week ago and I have yet to run it, let alone play with my friends

On top of that, I can’t search their community forums without registering.

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