The PS3 is dead.

Specifically, my PS3. Last night at around 8PM I decided to play a little Burnout Paradise before going to pick up the new game. So, I put the disc in, and nothing happened. I put in all the game discs I had, and a couple of movies. None of the discs were showing up on the media bar.

I had looked this up a little while ago, when it had happened before (though it starting working a few minutes later). Turns out this is a common flaw for when the PS3 breaks. Bummer.

So I went, at midnight, and spent $60 on a game that I haven’t played yet.

Today I used a thumbdrive and backed up the Soul Calibur 4 data and put everything back in the box. I took it back to the Gamestop in El Cerrito, where I bought it, and explained the situation. They didn’t have that model in stock, so the manager called around. The place that might have one wasn’t picking up, so I went and did some grocery shopping, and came back thirty minutes later. The 80gig model they had at the Bay Street store was defective. Huh.

There is a another Gamestop in Emeryville/Oakland that may have one. Manager guy is going to call me tomorrow if they do, so I can go pick it up. If not it will take around a week to get another one in.

I am not angry or anything, though I am a little weirded out by the whole thing. I spent over $600 on a piece of electronics that lasted less than two weeks. And the reason I am getting used/refurbished hardware is because I want to play PS/PS2 games on it. Is this what consoles have come to?

Despite the setbacks, I still like the machine and the games. Justin and I are eagerly awaiting Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (their site is unreachable at the moment). SC4 and Burnout are awesome. Armored Core 4 is really pretty, and promises to be the time sink I have avoided thus far. So, here is hoping I get a system that doesn’t make me regret jumping into this generation of consoles.

I guess there is always LOTRO…