Indoor/outdoor air quality monitor: Ecowitt WH0290

Continuing the discussion from what air filter should i attach to a box fan?:

I got an air quality monitor. It has a measuring unit (that can go indoors or outdoors) which radios measurements to a display unit. It takes measurements every 60 seconds. I’m going to try it out both inside and outside and report back.

It shipped today. When it arrives, I would like to make it available for Borrowers near me. I can drive it to your house with masks on, hand it to you, and wait outside while you measure the air quality in your home, and then run it out and hand it back to me. Or actually it might make more sense to just let you borrow it for a few days or a week and I’ll come back and retrieve it later or something. Let’s commons this!

Ecowitt WH0290
Wireless PM 2.5 Air Quality Monitor Air Detector Air Analysis Apparatus for Indoor Outdoor