Sunday, Aug 23 2020 - aqi 241 outside?!??

yikes! this is with the air quality sensor unit outside.

there it is on the yellow table huddled like a little frog or something.

check out the air filter. it was new and pristine-looking just a few days ago. i’ve been running it continuously on 3 (the highest setting).

here is smölz left over on the couch. he was pouncing on lucy, who left before i got the picture.

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This is the worlds crappiest contest, but we were pushing AQI of 425 on Thursday last week. (Rocklin, CA) T_T. It’s leveled off to more ~200s now.

This super sucks.

Firefighters are real life heroes. Fighting fires when it was 108 outside?! Are you kidding me?

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yikes!!! you don’t have to evac do you?

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No, thankfully we are very far from fires. It’s just the geography, all the smoke comes over to the Sierra foothills and gets trapped here.

Also, apologies for using the word contest, I meant “thing to compare” :slight_smile:

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