Interesting tool if you're using Steam on GNU/Linux and Proton

Scans your Steam library and tags games based on compatability reports in the community ProtonDB. If youve got some Windows titles floating around in your library this is a good way of seeing which ones can be made to work in Linux anyway without doing a lot of manual cross refrencing.

What is ProtonDB?

ProtonDB is a searchable web database of Proton compatability reports kind of like the Wine App DB but for Proton.


I shod have asked what Proton is. But I read that page and that’s pretty neat. I might consider resintalling Steam to access some content, quest willing. :slight_smile:

Is Proton generally available? Beta?

Also, what are the hot games that run in Linux now? I have 800 in steam, so surely something good just became available…

Oh snap!

I am genuinely excited, because Bejeweled is a favorite of mine, and the clones don’t have the pizzazz… :slight_smile:

In the stable steam client you can only use it with specific whitelisted apps. Games deemed to work by valve. At the flick of a config switch though you can try it with any windows game. (Thus the community database).

I had some discussion of Proton previously here: Lots Of Valve's Proton Work Is Landing Back In Upstream Wine

Not sure. Ive dicked around with it, mostly though with 2D games and 3d Games of years past. Not on anything recent. My GPUs are rapidly getting lapped by current hotgames again; and im not sure im planning on upgrading to keep up.

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Ha, booze fountain! :rofl:

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I installed SteamOS on my old gaming machine. Most of the way through boot up it black screens, but i think it’s because i had a DVI-HDMI adapter on the video card. I finally found my old DVI cable so excited to try it out today.

The machine is from 2009, so… yikes a decade old. But if I can play oblivion again on it I’d be happy.


I love how Steam has somehow become our “old Windows games” portal. I can’t think of a more appropriate role. :slight_smile: