Introduction! A wild fuuko appears!

Hi all,

maiki invited me to join, so I did! So yeah. I grew up in the 80’s, and when I was growing up, my father bought a Tandy 1000. It was awesome. I played so many games on it and really learned to love computers and technology. In my teenage years I played a lot of games, ranging from original NES to the Playstation and beyond! However, one day I heard of Linux. I was intrigued by the fact that all the software was free and that people pool together online to develop it. So, since it took forever to download a Linux distribution at that time, I went and bought OpenSUSE at the local Best Buy, I believe. At first I couldn’t figure it out, even with my years of DOS experience. Over time though, I’ve really learned to love and respect open source software and the developers of it. Nowadays I run mainly BSD-based systems, and am running FreeBSD 12 as I type this out.

After being born and still living a fairly privileged life, I want to help spread positive technology that helps everyone, not just the few who can afford it. I want technology that doesn’t destroy the environment, empowers local communities and gives voice to those who have a small or no voice.

Anyways, I’m eager to meet everyone and discuss lots of things!


It’s nice to meet you! Welcome! :smile:

Also, you are the latest in a line of people talking about BSD-based systems again. FreeBSD was my first non windows/DOS experience, but then I switched to Linux. You’re making me want to give it a try again!

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Thanks for the welcome! Nice to meet you tim!

I’d highly recommend giving it a try again, so much has changed nowadays for a lot of the BSD-based systems. I say to start with FreeBSD since it’s the easiest to get up and running, but just for the heads-up, for 12 RELEASE, be sure to read the Errata since they changed how graphics drivers work!

I’m currently running a FreeBSD instance on Digital Ocean, and haven’t decided exactly what I plan to do with it yet. Right now I am leaning towards just experimenting with it and trying to find new ways towards a ethical internet, with a tor, i2p, wiki, and a host of other services for people in need and/or journalists. I also might spin up an additional server to host what’s called a tilde, similar to, but right now I want to just learn what I can to make a better net.

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Hey fuuko! I like all things *nix. Earlier this past 2018 I finished up a year + stint of running nothing but FreeBSD and NetBSD on my machines. I still use FreeBSD for my servers. Though my laptop is on GNU/Linux right this moment.

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Hi trashHeap! What distro of GNU/Linux do you run on your laptop?

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