January 29, 2019

Had some fun thoughts this morning. Also! I just realized all those worlds I made? The ones with rich, full cultures drawing on all I know about humanity and remained unshared… why? No conflict! I couldn’t find a compelling conflict, because in my worlds everyone is just crushing it.

Now there is solar punk. Time to type these up!

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I am finally through the fire. Still some work things to do, but no more nights, which is awesome.

I picked up Tara and Caspian at the airport this morning. It was most excellent to see them again, and have them home. :smiley:

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walked around old san juan with an audio tour on a location-aware smartphone app. we live in the futurepastpresent. oatmeal banana strawberry smoothie. left for the airport by 1pm. now in nyc changing planes, landing in sfo laaaate tonight!

Got a couple of new puzzles from Discovery Shop (make a quest for it, someone). Starting one tonight:


Wow! I know this is gonna be obvious to puzzle heads and way nerdy to everyone else, but Ravensburger Puzzles are amazing!

They are nice to hold. I don’t even get it.