Jitsi video quality

Adam, as part of the Coko Foundation, are trying Jitsi, and have found great video quality compared to mainstream alternatives.

Additionally, e has some notes for setting up Jitsi. Deeply appreciated, but also a flag: we need to get those instructions upstream, or make it easier to install.

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Yeah, that was my favorite Adam Hyde post in some time. (I’m just too ignorant about publishing systems or product design to appreciate the rest, though I’m glad e’s doing the work!)

AFAICT no proprietary vendor dominates the space yet and there’s always room for improvement for videoconferencing, so maybe I should get excited about Jitsi, again. I tried to get everyone to use it several years ago but the Java client was too much to ask.

I think Jitsi had certainly shown endurance. My issue is that while I am excited about Jitsi, I am not really excited about video chat.

My sole use case is the rare times Clover or I travel apart, and then it is like this special little technology made just for us (I should note that I also miss @susan when we are apart, but I am not worried about em suddenly growing when I walk out of the room, and can be comforted merely by eir voice!). I’ve used the Firefox video thing for that, to great success.

I try to stay on top of video conferencing so I know what is available to clients. And as I search for more remote work, it may be easier if I have a tolerable video tool in my pocket. For me, the appeal of remote work is solitude and the ability to not have a computer open, but for some it is just being able to sit in any place, 9 to 5. Those folks are the ones I’ll need Jitsi for…