What the chat?

@tim and I were trying to set up Kaiwa, but as I tried to install a certificate I found that there was no documentation to be found. Bummer that.

Rocket.Chat, another Slack-clone, is super easy to install, and I have an instance running at https://rocketchat.dokku.top. Go ahead and join that for some temporary chatting.

Will we stick with that? Not sure. But I think there is a lot of chat protocols and apps out there, and not a lot of comparison for folks without doing the work themselves. It would probably be helpful to coordinate that research, don’t ya think? Shall we do that?

Rocket.chat looks pretty awesome. I haven’t tried the mobile client yet. It’s hefty weight ~27mb gives me pause. I have an older Android device and bigger apps like that… well they just run slow. I might be getting an upgrade thanks to work, but you know @maiki of my hesitance to generate any excess e-waste.

I will happily do some research! Sounds like good fodder for a blog post too. :slightly_smiling:

I actually use the Firefox app on my Android devices. If you go to example.com/fxos for any Rocket.Chat site, it will offer to install as a Firefox app. I am not sure how those run on your device, but it is snappy for me. :slight_smile:

Oh, BTW @tim, Rocket.Chat is a fairly light app to run, as well. I don’t know how it scales, of course, but there is something else that is very neat: you can set up single sign-on with a WordPress site pretty easily.

Since it isn’t a heavy app, can tie in to WP easily, and the desktop apps act like Slack where it can be logged into multiple instances, this seems like a strong contender to tie chat rooms to websites. We might consider using it for scribe.works.

It’s really interesting, the firefox app runs so much better than the native android app. Like at least 3X faster on my older Android phone.

Kind of a bummer they are pivoting Firefox OS away from mobile devices, ne? I meant, “internet of things”… yay.