Rocket.Chat use-case: Classuite (but really other interesting points)

Notable for showing how Rocket.Chat can be modified for use in (or in this case, as) another app. But mostly because they’ve gotten their docs updated and more comprehensive than they’ve been in the past.

I ran an instance at for a while, but turned it off to reduce hardware, as well as limited usage. Jabber turns out to be easier for the former users (mostly @tim and I), but I do think RC is a great chat server.

In the circles where I run, using a web application like this is seemingly taboo, and a symptom of the web gone wild, but I actually really dig it. I like web apps like this, as long as it is progressive, and has as much range as possible, meaning browsers, standards and hardware considerations.

My issue is that so much of what people want is the mobile experience, meaning sending messages to corporate servers for “pushing”. Also, it distracts!

If I run a server again, I will turn off a lot of things, and I am sure it will still be useful to those that use it. I am thinking of a local, geography-based chat…

Two observations:

  1. Classuite is whatever; I don’t see why they needed to brand it as a different thing, I wish schools just had better sense to support their IT departments, which in turn should have an objective to deploy free and open tools. Also, they built a modified app for iOS, so I don’t care. :slight_smile:
  2. I still don’t know how Hubot works with RC, even after reading the Hubot integration doc. I ran RC from Snappy, and I thought it was included, but I never got it working…