Join us for A Grand Re-Opening of the Public Domain - Creative Commons

I’m going to this! I got a ticket and everything!

I love the public domain! When I read the description of this I realized that I care a lot more, spiritually, about the concepts and practice of freedom and sharing and kindness, and copyright just looks more and more like a capitalist tool with practically no value outside of such a framework.

I say all that because I don’t normally attend CC or IA events, but this is at the YBCA (near downtown BART stations), is affordable ($0-$20), and is about the public domain! Also, bunches of interesting people, yada yada, meet the leaders of the free cult. Public domain!

This very message is coming to you from… THE PUBLIC DOMAIN! :slight_smile:

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I think the main part is at IA on Funston. The YBCA part is DJ Spooky's QUANTOPIA | Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

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That is an excellent observation! I’m still going. I’ll make a day of it. :slight_smile:

i public domain it!!!

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