Journalism forum?

Hey @malatesta, first you should change your handle to gautham, so I can just @gautham you. Dur. =P

Second, we had chatted in passing how we ought to have a journalism forum. I’d like a place to talk about the state of the industry, and collect notes/links to interesting stories about the field itself. What shall we call it? Journalism? I am okay with that. Thoughts? :slight_smile:

I like Gawker’s tag “Journalismism”, but just Journalism is good. Let’s do it!

We can discuss this one first: Our list of the best 11 journalism experiments

which some of my friends worked on. I don’t know how groundbreaking some of these are, but I think it’s a decent starting point.

Cool. Would you mind writing a one sentence description for it? That will create the scope for it. I ask you, because you are closer to the industry, and I want it to encompass your interests. :slight_smile:

Ah, nevermind. I just took what you said and made that the description. ^_^

So now: journalism.