July 12, 2019 - Fri

relaxing is good! gathering strength. grape juice from a frozen can. the Tale of Two Bad Mice, who weren’t so very bad after all, and a crooked sixpence.

the blow up couch definitely has a leak. the hammock is great though.

took a bath to relax. bubbles and lavender. so luxurious.



  • More getting ready for baby, budget planning, hospital bag packing, tour scheduling, etc.

  • Emotions run a little high, GD complications mean that the number of pokes and needles have increased, and we’re going to start seeing the doctor twice a week. Lots of anxiety, but we try to remember all the support we have around us.

  • Learned that I’m getting a Senior in front of my title at work. While I’m happy about it, I can’t help but compare myself to all these “What does it mean to be a senior developer?” posts on Medium that I must read at least one of a month. It’s something that I plan to stretch myself into deserving at least.


  • Well-stocked fridge
  • Wood wind chimes that remind me of long summers with my memere
  • Three new books to read
  • Some physical labor this weekend to increase our feelings of “doing things” vs “waiting for things”