June 7, 2019 - Fry

i’m on one of the new bart trains!


This week has been a whirlwind of activity, and I am ready for some summer chillaxing.

Today we visited and got materials from our charter school, and it feels good. That is a great thing to feel good about.

I will process photos and concordant logging, over the weekend. Otherwise @susan will do something drastic… :grimacing:

Doesn’t it feel like winning a prize?! I love the new trains.

We picked up some books from the home-schooling library:

  • Chicken Soup With Rice
  • Poppelton Has Fun
  • Heather the Violet Fairy
  • What A I?, collection of short stories
  • Cobweb the Cat, a collection of short stories
  • Mercy Watson, Goes for a Ride

These are all books Clover can read, though it’s fun to read them together of course (especially Poppelton! :pig:). :slight_smile:

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I checked Michael’s for wax sheets, no luck. But I did see this giant inflatable dinosaur that waters your lawn with booger water!

@judytuna, here is a relatively hi-res image of the outdoor lights sale, FYI.

I don’t care for the advertisement, but this truck outside its store is interesting. I took a shot of the grill, as it was very distinctive. Looks fun to drive, makes me want to deliver something…

For all your portable panopticon needs!

This sign is funny to me, as all those item look really old now. Who carries around a lens camera, an allegedly portable laptop, and what I’m guessing is a wifi-enabled calculator?

I wanted a reminder to check out:


I think that is a unappealing sounding candy in too much packaging with a very funny name.

An excellent walking-around beer, except it says, “BEER” at the top. C’mon TJ’s! You have the lead in making booze look like soda for day drinking! Don’t make us go back to brown paper bags; we have weed now, you won’t stand a chance!

Unrelated, @judytuna where did you get your beverage can cozy? I’d like a walking-around cozy. :grimacing:

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i got it at a women techmakers event the night before a google i/o a few years ago! that is why the inside says google women techmakers.

our upstairs neighbor has lately been decorating cozies; i’ll ask her where she finds them. and if she takes commissions. i mean you want one with mermaid fabric right?


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