Keeping personal memos

When the severe implications of James Comey being fired is washed away, I am fascinated by the spotlight on eir MEMCOMs (memorandum of communications). Of course that is a good idea for the FBI, but it is also a good idea for me!

Now, in some ways this is the basic premise of a blog. It can be a first hand account of what is happening in a person’s daily life. With common metadata patterns a de facto on most platforms, one can keep memos just about anywhere.

But I’ve wanted blogging to be more about journaling and impressions, and less about making decisions and the process leading up to it. I personally have a difficult time finding those things in my blog, and would rather use a separate set of taxonomies to categorize them.

I am looking for prior art, in the way folks use personal memos. If you know anyone doing this online today, let me know.

As I plan out my site refresh it is becoming a sort of modern commonplace book, but with distinct, standardized sections where I can be overtly technical, because I really like that for myself.