laundry at home

i got a hand-crank laundry machine! no quarters needed! it is surprisingly light and yet sturdy, somehow, and shockingly easy to crank. i stick it in the tub when i’m using it and shove it in the linen closet when i’m not. i love this thing already.

i’ve washed two loads so far. it only needs one or two minutes of cranking to wash, and then thirty seconds of cranking to rinse.

i was amazed at how dirty the water was!

there is a pre-existing laundry line in the backyard.


That’s amazing! We were wondering if you had onsite laundry the other day, or where the nearest laundromat is. Also, that is a really short amount of time to wash! Such a time saver, and I imagine it is better for the clothes.

How big a load can it do? Could it do sheets or a blanket?

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the reviews say sheets definitely yes, blanket probably no. small blankie yes. a cover for a blanket yes.

the laundromat i like to go to is advantage laundry by 7-11 on broadway. because it takes credit card payments via a mobile app. you SCAN A QR CODE to indicate which washers or dryers you want. you can type in the number too but who wants to do that when you can take longer SCANNING A QR CODE!!! i wish i was joking but i’m not. i love qr codes! i am mad at the troll site pictures of ppl using qr codes dot tumblr dot com or whatever that just says this blog has zero posts. hahahaa.

going there is a mixed bag… it gets expensive, and i wait forever to do my laundry. and last time i yelled at a person who was taking peoples’ stuff and someone else told me “i like your spirit. i said that’s a real city girl right there.” i think my big voice surprises people because i look innocent.

anyway with this little thing i’m going to do tiny loads more often. that’s the hope at least. and hanging will take less time too if i do fewer items.

haven’t done sheets yet; will say so when i try!

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