Lenovo selling X270 crazy cheap right now..

Hey gang, just FYI Lenovo is selling these X270’s directly via Ebay (they’re a ~1yr old model), brand new still get the 3 year warranty. 62% off. IMO this is a really good deal, grabbed one for myself.

Here is review:

First new computer I’ve bought since my trusty Thinkpad R400 in 2008.


@tim, there is a wierd redirect in that link’s actual URL. You might wanna clean that.

Its a good deal. Im currently on a X230T and have been considering a X270 or X280 down the road. Though its probably still too soon for me.

The X270 is also both Redhat and Canonical certified so it likely works with quite a few civilized OSes.


Yeah, it’s going to get Ubuntu MATE on it as soon as it’s in my hansies. </gollum>

Ugh, fixing that stupid redirect. EDIT: fixed both.