LineageOS on Google Pixel XL

I got a Pixel XL off Swappa, and am attempting to install LineageOS on it. So far I’ve been unsuccessful, instead encountering a bootloop (it just keeps restarting, never loading the OS). Turns out there are lots of things the new A/B slot system needs that are not covered in the installation doc for the device.

The LOS reddit group has had some insights, though it is all over the place. I’ve been reading the topics listed at search results - pixel xl.

Reddit - Dive into anything has steps that seem legit, except it is for an Oct. image:

I figured it out. Try this:

Enable USB-debugging in developer options
Boot to TWRP-Recovery
Under “Restart” change to other slot
Via “Reboot” boot to Recovery (Which is LOS Recovery)
In LOS recovery choose “apply OTA”, then “Apply from ADB”
Install LineageOS-ZIP via sideload adb sideload (via fastboot from PC)
Reboot to System

Now i am on the Oktober 23th build!

Reddit - Dive into anything has a slightly more detailed set of steps:

Here is the correct way for installation:

USB debugging enabled
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flashing unlock
(fastboot flash --slot all vendor vendor.img)
(fastboot flash --slot all radio radio-marlin-8996-130091-1802061512.img)
(fastboot flash --slot all bootloader bootloader-marlin-8996-012001-1711291800.img)
fastboot boot twrp-xxx-marlin.img
Format data
Wipe system
Switch to Advanced, ADB sideload
adb sideload
Reboot to bootloader
fastboot boot twrp-xxx-marlin.img
Switch to Advanced, ADB sideload
adb sideload

But I am not using gapps of any flavor, and instead want the FDroid extension. But I’ll settle for getting LOS installed properly. Also, I don’t think the other images need to be added; in the XDA threads it mentions this, but then multiple references say it isn’t required any longer… but maybe it is. Gah.

That thread is 275 pages long, and only gives details about TWRP. So… not sure how useful it is, although it is from Nov. 2016 to Nov. 2018. Not sure I’m having issues with this part, but maybe.

The versions of TWRP needed are at Download TWRP for marlin.

I need the zip and the img, as the img is used to temporary boot into TWRP so you can install the TWRP zip and actually have it there to install LineageOS when it reboots into itself… yep, you heard me!

Here’s a thread in the same boat as I: Unable to install on Pixel XL (marlin) : LineageOS

I am having all the same issues, but if we need to install additional items, I wish someone would say which. I can’t find that information.

If this is like the the last gen Nexus devices then vendo, radio and bootloader are all neccesary. In my experience with Nexus devices the vendor image contains binary blobs from the vendor for various vendor hardware drivers. Radio contains cellular radio firmware; and bootloader … should be the bootloader. Even if I wasn’t using gapps or open_gapps I would need all three of these for propper functioning of Lineage OS on the Nexus 6P Ive used. Ive known some updates of LineageOS to complain or even bootloop depending on how out of date things like the vendor image or bootloader get. LineageOS expects and depends on specific builds of these.


BTW. I don’t know if this is a Nexus/Pixel thing; or a “Newer Phone thing”. No other android device ive used did this sort of thing; but they were all older phones by different manufacturers.

The Xperia X did something a little different, but kinda similar. But mostly because Sony ships an encrypted partition with DRM signing keys in it; most people worry about backing it up. I merrily zapped it when installing Sailfish OS as I was never going to use any of the DRM features (or android) on it.

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Installing those other packages did it! Yay! I gotta run, but I’ll compile this proper later. :slight_smile:

I kinda wanna add here, that you more or less run the risk of needing to check bootloader/vendor/radio for updates EVERY lineage OS update; and last I saw the native Lineage OS updater is totally ignorant of them; nor could I find a RSS feed or good mechanism for monitoring their releases in an automated way. Some might recall I was bitching about this on Mastodon earlier last year.

So whatever your phone OS update strategy is; you might need to bake that into your considerations.

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Do we know if that is just mainline Google phones, or all new phones? Does every LOS device have this issue?

I suspect its a google/pixel/nexus thing but outside of surveying a whole bunch of phone threads on XDA I don’t know for sure.

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Less than a week, and I’ve already forgotten I had a tablet. The phablet dimensions are great for this rockbiter!

And the sound recorder in LOS is excellent! I might actually produce more with this device!