logs audit (2020)

I go to http://archive.v1.talkgroup.xyz/latest?ascending=true&order=activity and to kinda figure out the oldest talkgroups.

Okay, #logs. About topic: About the Logs category

It’s kinda funny, actually:

Log stuff. Here.

Sorry, that’s a verb, and commanding : Log stuff! Here!

Subscribe to the category and get daily emails that you can reply to. For reals!

The questions:

  • Does the description need updating?
  • What happens to content?
  • Choose the color (including keeping it the same)
  • Changes to configuration? (moderators, permissions, oddities {like voting})
  • Should it be muted by default?

Oh, I’ll add these to the topic, and we can add more questions there to answer. :slight_smile:

Okay, #logs, go!

Re: #logs

I’d say yes, but after we’ve answered all the other questions. I want to let folks express themselves, balanced against a standardized template, well, checklist, really. Something like:

  • Describe the talkgroup
  • Link to topic or usernames for contact
  • Link to offsite resources (personal websites, jabber conferences, etc.)

Logs is such a big deal talkgroup, I’m compelled to be more verbose in onboarding users; we’re doing collective, public journaling, we’ll go the farthest with the most people, so designing an easy introduction will serve our purpose well. :slight_smile:

Well… I figure at the least we can make some sorta vague promise that we will archive it eventually.

See, I don’t quite know. I plan on copying my logs elsewhere eventually, as a personal record. But at this point I don’t know how much of my personal record is also your personal record. Some of you folks, I’ll copy your logs as well, to provide context.

This deserves some discussion. As it is, there is no end to this talkgroup, and I’m not sure how sustainable that is.

I’ve noticed I choose all the colors and I choose a lot of orange, so if logs out to be different, let me know! I think we can use any color hex.

I don’t think any changes are required at the moment. Is everyone able to use logs okay? It makes sense? Whatever doesn’t make sense, we cover in the description topic! :slight_smile:

I don’t know. It’s fairly human-readable (opposed to “firehose”), since we tend to focus on single day topics. I’d be fine with it being unmuted, it seems like an easy to way to find other, currently active users and engage with them, and maybe that’s very useful in a world using all it’s tricks to get us! :grimacing:

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Should #logs be muted by default?

  • Yes, mute logs
  • No, let logs show up by default

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Logs will stay muted. I don’t think there is anything else to do at this point. :slight_smile: