maiki scratches

Despite being fluent in a single spoken language, I find multilingual technology and efforts fascinating, and just want to build multilingual systems all day. :slight_smile:

Since childhood I’ve had both the desire and fear of being woken up with smelling salts.

I’m guessing it’s from media. In the past, did people faint more often? Was that why they knew where to buy smelling salts, or always had some nearby?

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lieve to be.

Funny thought: it took anyone being able to say anything on the web for us to collectively learn how useless sarcasm is as a communication tool.

Hmmm, it was funny, but somehow lost its charm by the end of the sentiment…

The thing I missed most when My network connection broke was this, my scratch pad. My papers are dense with ink, so many thoughts I had to compress in temporary storage…

“Mispelt” is one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

I have to embrace how amazing I am, so Clover may do the same for eir self.

I had no idea we had folding phone displays! We have Westworld computers!

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Is there a happy place between silly narrative and random tables?

Timers in games.

A pocket hidden world: a Peripheral.

Old timey maiki describes the average web page loading many resources as, “too many fingers in the pie”.

Email as a concept is resilient as fuck.

There are lessons to learn, even as it strangles us all to death.

If I had more mana I wouldn’t have to use my personal energy to cast spells.

The Matrix protocol has infused a lot of new energy into XMPP, for which I am grateful. :slight_smile:

I know its tough, but this is an opportunity: they can’t deny which side they’re on, and if they do, then you have ample proof to be an adult and cut ties with them. They are banana-pants.

The Statue of Liberty is holding a tabula ansata.

Not the setting, but the structure of Moomin Valley books would make a decent kids RPG. Emulate the exploration, both external and internal. Use distinct phases/moves, such as “new adventure” or “finish memoirs”, to induce particular, consistent and understandable decisions.

Create cycles, like P L Travers, where each cycle progresses a sub-plot, but it’s whimsical and led by the players.

Never forget the Alamo.