Making a website: front pages?

Front pages are sometimes difficult to design, especially when a site doesn’t have a lot of content constantly posting. You don’t really want links from a blog post two years ago on the front page with its date, it signals to folks your site isn’t updated any longer.

But does that really matter? I mean, how often do you visit a domain on it’s own?

I am note sure what should go on a front page, for any given type of site. I mean, blogs can have recent posts, but for everything else, I’ve yet to discover what is essential.

So let’s discuss by way of example! I’m looking for the best front pages! Very subjective, but I want to look at examples and discuss it for ourselves what we take from it.

And normally I’d start, but I got nothing. I can’t think of any front pages I like. What do you like?

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There’s a whole industry around this: landing pages that aim to look cool, collect prospects, look evergreen. Not that I like them.

I sometimes appreciate ‘about’ material as front page. Nearly blank with key links is also always fine. Filler can also be fine if no real reason for front page material and filler isn’t hostile.

Nothing is essential.