May 8th, 2019 - Ewok

per this thread

MAN, im going to be too busy tonight to watch the Caravan of Courage as I had planned. (I actually tracked down the DVD this past december.) A lot of life happening today.



edited to add: i have not made this; i need to work up to ewok crafts. but as a token of my ambition i present to you this ewok crochet pattern i found on the internet.

it is amazing. here is the photo of their work:

maybe several Ewok Wednesdays from now, we can make this. a girl can dream.

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It’s snack time over here and that means…


That snack doesn’t look like an Ewok at all…

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that’s a super cute raspi case! which is it?

i have “Smraza for Raspberry Pi 3 Case with Fan Cooling and Heatsinks” which was constructed out of laser-cut acrylic stacked together.

It’s a SB Components Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Transparent Case

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I guess my first question is: why is “master” in quotes?

… It’s even in quotes on the device itself. That would just wear on a person. Like, I never claimed to be a Kung Fu master, and yet I feel… less in it’s presence.

Made me think of:

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That rice cooker does not look like an Ewok at all…

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You don’t look like a rice cooker that looks like an Ewok!

And also, it totally does! And so does the pretzel snack!

The “master” is an Ewok camouflaged on the front of a walking tank that’s been downed. It was hilarious, as the scenario that brought it to this place involved it slipping in oil and mud, crawling out and stripping down to clean itself, and then imperial troopers come walking by, causing the Ewok to reach for its spear, itself quite slick and getting caught in its legs, causing it to slip and slide back through the oil and mud and onto the wreckage, perfectly hidden from the once alerted troops who became amusingly bewildered to find an Ewok warriors dress and equipment with the markings of a master assassin, known for their deadliness and absolute sense of balance and grace. You can see the Ewok by its bloodshot eyes near the center. Its very well hidden.

Tim’s snack is just turned sideways. It’s a cheese hat on peacepretzel face.

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Thrifted a Woolrich sweater and some scarves (Bay Area summer approaching).

Made a bunch of food including these beet/banana/chocolate muffins.

Played with filters on my photos while Clover took a shower.

I like having Wednesdays off work.


i got popsicles off the buy nothing group! they say “star wars” all over the box, but they are just normal popsicles. but we are supposed to think they are lightsabers. which they are.

i did not know if any ewoks had become jedi. i knew that at least one wookiee had become a jedi. i found an article on an “unidentified ewok jedi” with some equivocal information:

Unidentified Ewok Jedi

An Ewok Jedi was in activity at some point following the founding of the New Republic[1] in 4 ABY.[2] Unusually for most Ewoks, this Ewok was born with the necessary mental capacity to access and utilize the Force.[3] That Jedi once attacked a group of Sanyassans who tried to enslave a fellow Ewok, wielding a blue-bladed lightsaber and wearing matching Jedi garments.[1]

so now to celebrate the maybe ewok jedi, i will eat a blue popsicle. i mean lightsaber.

i did not participate in wok wednesday but that’s okay because the cookbook i need hasn’t arrived yet and also i am very, very, very, very, very, very tired. almost too tired to eat a popsicle. getting up is hard lol.

hope you all had a good ewok wednesday!