Make Ewok Wednesdays A Thing

Let’s make our wishes come true!!!

Next Wednesday, we must all post a picture of an ewok. (The value of “we” is “whoever feels like it.”)

If we do it for two Wednesdays, we will have made Ewok Wednesdays a thing. YES, AND!

What should we do on Ewok Wednesdays?

  • post a picture of an ewok
  • make an ewok pun
  • dress up as an ewok
  • cook an ewok meal, as in cook like an ewok, not eat an ewok!!!
  • what else?
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or should we cook an ewok? nooooOOOOoooooOOOooOooo


or dress up as ewoks?! how do we decide? does discourse have voting???

Okay, that got my vote. I’m vegetarian, so I won’t be partaking. But otherwise I am on board!

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  • You tell me!
  • Second Option :slight_smile:
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  • Watch the Caravan of Courage ?
  • Ewok CRAFTS?
  • Make an Ewok character sheet in your favorite RPG system?

o wow yes to all of those

i’d say it in all caps but am afraid discourse won’t let me. it has trained me well

omg there is a sequel Ewoks: The Battle for Endor - Wikipedia

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WHAT there is a TV show??? Ewoks (TV series) - Wikipedia

this quest might break me

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Ewok Wednesdays are A Thing!

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