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Platform evolution — MDN content moves to GitHub

For quite some time now, the MDN developer team has been planning a radical platform change, and we are ready to start sharing details of it. In short, we are updating the platform to move from a Wiki approach with the content in a MySQL database, to a JAMStack approach with the content being hosted in a Git repository (codename: Project Yari).

This will not affect end users at all, but the MDN developer team and our content contributors will see many benefits including a better contribution workflow (via Github), better ways in which we can work with our community, and a simplified, easier-to-maintain platform architecture. We will talk more about this in the next blog post!

I find it strange that moving over to GitHub makes MDN more accessible, since I can technically clone a git repo from there (for now), while currently I may not edit the MDN unless I login with a GitHub account.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, owners of GitHub, makers of web browsers, and violator of the Sherman Antitrust Act, will be converting Minecraft accounts into Microsoft accounts in 2021.

Perhaps I merely disagree with the “theory of web design” espoused by the curators of MDN, therefore the decisions they make on behalf of their “community” (of which I am not a member) seem imprudent to me.