Meta-quest: create the community terms

I need to do this, something serious. Everything in the forums is licensed as CC0, and we protect people and build a safe space. There are lots of examples of good documents to serve as baseline and vision, and I’ve just never gotten to it. But if I am inviting folks to vote on my QUESTS! Oh ohohhoh! QUESTS! then I need to be responsible and ensure everyone knows what’s expected and how we come together in this space to celebrate and find joy in each other. :slight_smile:

Okay! This is the my current active quest!

Now I need to collect reference materials. I am pretty sure someone has already written a community terms thing that I can use. I just want to make sure everything is CC0 that gets posted, and everyone knows that.

Okay, so in addition to interi reset --hard, I’m also kinda resetting what talkgroup is, because honestly I’ve never been good at describing it. In large part it is because I don’t like doing things by myself.

Whoa, insight alert!

I like momentum, and I my energy is amplified by others. However, I’ve kinda come to a point where I’ve, I don’t know what it, um, grown? I’ve grown out of it. Out of boredom.

Also, when I do things, those actions seem to cause a lot of ripples, some of which make their way back to me, so that’s not bad.

Okay, what does that have to do with the TERMS?! Well, in the past I wanted to collaborate and decide together what talkgroup is. But it is obvious that I have the power, I either technically can’t or lazily won’t share it, and therefore am a terrible dictator at worst, but if I am my list of demands aren’t gonna make a lot of sense!!1!

Here’s what I want everyone who posts here to agree about:

  1. It’s all in the public domain. Copyright is not a game we play in this space. But if this is your first rodeo, we ought to give some pointers.
  2. Humans are capable of being kind and nice to each other, and we demand it of participants in this space. We all contribute to the safe space. We all open ourselves up to knowing other people, even parts that are scary, confusing, or outside our comfort, but we all fall back on kindness.
  3. This is a social documentation experiment. It is usually incredibly stable; but no promises.

So I figure I’m gonna write some fancier version (ha, one hopes!) of those three points, and then it is in, um, community version control. I’m pretty sure it will be an open topic that folks can comment on, and we’ll go from there. We literally have polling in place, operator is standing by!

I use talkgroup for notes and data projects more than actually discussion. And considering that made me think of it more as a public database than a conversation.

So think of it less as forums, and more as a wiki and database, with better conversation options than MediaWiki. :slight_smile:

Hence why it is important to me that everything be licensed freely. I require that.

I made changes to two of the docs on these forums:

I basically went through and ripped all the things that make me puke from the privacy doc, and now only about half those words make me queasy. But it is clear I am not working with “third parties”.

I’m gonna mark this as done. I hope that is inviting enough, if not, someone please help. Because I can’t think about this on my own anymore, and it feels like only I care, and my main concern is that I make too many decisions, so it’s ya’ll’s future tyrant happening, right here, right now. :slight_smile: