Time to quest!

Okay, some time ago I started a little project in the form of #quest-board (http://archive.v1.talkgroup.xyz/c/quest-board). It currently has almost 120 “quests”.

Okay, what’s this all about

I crave the interactive art projects that small communities of people use to have a decade ago. I also like collaborating while I explore the world around me. Like a good travel companion.

And if this were a dumb fantasy world, I would invent a magical bulletin board system for all medium steadings or larger (unfortunately I would be burned to death for my witchy ways :roll_eyes:). I live in a dumb regular world, and this is my magic quest board thing! Tra-la!

How does it work?

Well, you are invited to join talkgroup and talk with us, any time!

We clear on that? Any time! Buuuut, if you happen to have an account you can also vote on quests! I know, it is like you came to the town square to get your agora on, and you stumbled into a free student production, right there on the sidewalk!

And I use those votes as signaling. Which is my way of saying, “I will totally do these quests in the order they are voted, because k-rad, but I reserve the right to freak out or get bored or be against something I or anyone else wrote in a quest, so, yeah.” :slight_smile:

Everyone gets a certain number of votes, and you get more votes the higher trust level you are, and I’ve never adjusted those so they are default Discourse and I explaining this because that is the only incentive to really dig in with our merry band, but there it is. Like Reddit Gold, but with less prestige… wow, that one bummed even me out! :blush:


There aren’t really any rules. When a quest is done all the votes go back to the peeps, to vote for more things. Anyone around for a day or two (ie trust level 1) can even post a quest!

I kinda have a thing going with three descriptiors:

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Make

These represent what I like doing, which is doing the 101 on a subject, then deep dive, and then produce an object to record I was here in my tiny little time riding this mud ball through the infinite gloom…

But maybe you are into something different?! Let’s chat (in #meta, so quests stay quests).

Ask questions, make suggestions, jack the meaning of a quest and do something hilarious, go for it! Right now the highest votes is 2 for Discover Jeremy Soule - #4. Not saying that is bad, just saying you and a couple of friends could easily sway the polls, and how often do you get to say that, not including all the spy agencies reading all our correspondence, thanks. :slight_smile:

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I’m probably going to do Meta-quest: create the community terms first, so please vote for it so we can pretend we chose together! Haha, this is how the sausage gets made!

To show how easy it is to sway my attention, the current top five quests with the most votes are listed at https://interi.org/process/talkgroup/.

As of this posting, the top quest has 3 votes. Most of you reading should have 100. Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion from Watch Legion:

i sure hope so!

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Rather than weighing in, let’s see what happens if I don’t (anymore than this!). :slight_smile:

Unrelated, I understand the NPOV policy for Wikipedia, though it often restrains in ways I don’t like. However, I love encouraging folks to be bold, so that is a good balance.

Glad we can pick and choose what we do for other projects…

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