More in Mozilla being dissapointing / Spinning down IRC possibly in favor of Discord

Discord eating all these digital communities into it’s proprietary centralized system has been a source of concern for me, and a point of mild friction for many friends of mind who do use Discord.

It reminds me very much of how facebook ate a lot of distributed digital communities early on, by offering a lot of utility and by being fairly benign seeming.


Unless I’m tripping, one needs to use Github to edit the developer wiki. How many nails in the coffin before we say its dead?

I shouldn’t have to agree to third-party company terms to contribute. And if they can’t understand that, their power structure needs to be torn down.

At this point I have no recommended browser. I’m okay with that. We’ll build a good one. Just not before all the people get compromised by using their use of the commercial web.

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@trashHeap that third link is dead for me. Could you copy/summarize?

Also, we don’t know what they are switching to. If jabber, I’ll be all over that! Another alt would be RocketChat, which I think works well enough.

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Strange. It’s loading fine over here.

Its apparently a Mozillian outlying why they feel IRC is outmoded for them and what the criteria for a new system might be. Details here: Wayback machine mirror here: Synchronous Text « blarg?