Nice invoice template for LibreOffice or other?

I’m moving away from FreshBooks. It was useful for a time, but not really any longer. I have a system to send PDFs to clients, it works well enough. But now I don’t have a pretty template. I’ve hit up and found a decent spreadsheet that PDFs well.

I’m setting this here, as if I can’t find a nice template I’m gonna make one. But surely there are well-designed (functional and pretty) templates for FOSS software, ne? I am also open to other warez. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had little cause to make invoices nor am I familiar with the UX of Fresh Books, but I think GnuCash is supposed to be targetting that feature set and at first glance has invoice functionality according to the docs.

That being said a thread for sharing Libre Office notes/templates/etc might be useful. Im likely to have to stretch my libre office skills in the next year or three.


Definitely gonna check out GnuCash! Looking at the templates in LibreOffice made me think I’d rather build a character sheet thing than busy work for invoicing…

Also, central database I can query is very useful.

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After I wrote that I realized I could get all the things I wanted with Hugo and pandoc… so maybe I’ll do that!

I’ve started laying out plans to build invoices from markdown files and Hugo, and then printing from the browser with a stylesheet made for PDF layouts, and that will get me most of the way.

I have some incoming notes on that, so I’ll load them up here as I process. :slight_smile:

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Marking a solution so it stops auto-bumping. I know what I want to do. :slight_smile: