Parenting forum?

I posted Why we should let kids choose their own summer reading books and have had a few other posts in the works, so maybe we could use a parenting category? I know that practically everyone on here is a parent right now, so maybe it could provide us a crowd-curated resource directory for things we might be interested in. Thoughts?

Is there a benefit over having a separate forum vs having a parenting category here?

I like not having another site to check for things. If talkgroup gets a lot of parenting posts, I wouldn’t think that’s a bad thing.

Then again I’m not the person maintaining it, so if you’d prefer that level of organization I would use the separate site, of course. :slight_smile:

I see that as a vote for a parenting category. I actually use category and
forum interchangbly. :slight_smile:

The forum has lived at #parenting. :slight_smile: