PewPew influences/sources/neato mechanics reference

Continuing the discussion from Project PewPew; a web-based space sim:

Let’s gather links to games and source material that lends itself to this kind of game, including things that ought to be avoided (as chosen by @tim).


Modern Games

Upcoming Games


Starflight is a space exploration role-playing adventure video game developed by Binary Systems and published by Electronic Arts in 1986.

Basically, this is a smaller, single player version of PewPew. It’s a great game.

Specific items:

  • Artwork; at least for their ad. I love that early-mid 80s sci-fi aesthetic.
  • Crew; you pick your officers, they have varying stats that increase as they gain experience, with Androids being the exception.
  • Land on / explore planets; I love this, but want it to have more depth, aka player doesn’t magically strip mine a planet in 5 min like this game allows.


  • Crew is important, I am thinking only officers matter for stats being affected, moments of greatness, etc. Otherwise working through building a crew of 1000 for a large ship would take days to get the stats right. No thank you.
  • Planetary activity; I want to be able to build things. Details of a planet will only be viewable by detailed planetary scans that take realtime. So, you could build a remote outpost on a barren planet, and other players would need to go out of their way to see if anything was there.

@tim since we started this list we started the #quest-board and have lots of games already loaded up there. I propose we break these out, and then move your post to the Starflight discovery topic. If you agree, go ahead. :slight_smile: