Play in a band together in Sea of Thieves

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In Sea of Thieves, you sail around as a boat of four pirates.

I downloaded it about a week ago (via the windows store on windows 10 or whatever; however, as of a few days ago, it is available on Steam). I have played exactly once. I did the tutorial (single-player), and then I used automatic matchmaking to play with strangers (this was a huge mistake, never do this. We died instantly to horrible strangers screaming slurs in audio chat). I took some screenshots of the outfits that you can buy your parrot pet. For example…

I heard that you can play in a band together by all holding different music instruments and then pressing a button. You don’t play the instrument with your keyboard or anything–I think it picks a song (randomly?) and then your characters animate playing their instruments. Here is a picture of one of the Hurdy-Gurdies you can get.

Quest Completion Criteria

  • Convince four people with windows boxes or xboxes to buy this game (so far, 2/4: judy, fritz)
  • Get online at the same time
  • Get different instruments (this should be easy, there are boxes of free starter stuff in town)
  • Play in a band
  • Take a screenshot or video and post it here

The “Kraken Hurdy-Gurdy” is my favorite erotic-wrestling move! It’s just weird it requires so much calamari…


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band playing achieved! i played a regular hurdy-gurdy, not a kraken hurdy-gurdy. there’s also a drum, a banjo, and a concertina, so all four people in your crew can play and it makes the instrument’s sound when you do. =)

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