Pokemon cards banned from my kids school!

From the email I just received from their principal.

Good Afternoon, XXXXX Families -

In recent months we have had issues with students, at many grade levels, bringing Pokemon Cards to school. These cards are causing a number of disruptions and the students have been told many times that they may not bring them to school. Some of these cards are worth quite a bit of money and this causes some real issues when it comes to students trading or taking them from others. We do not allow toys from home, and the cards are considered a toy.

Please remind your student that they must leave the cards at home. If the cards are brought to school and they have been warned, they will be confiscated and I will keep them until the end of the school year. We will return the cards to their owners then. Thank you for your support in this matter.

My kids don’t do any Pokemon card playing, but I have mixed feelings on this. Overall, I mostly side with the “don’t bring toys to school”, so in that mindset I am ok.

On the other hand…

Does anyone else feel like this is a standard American cartoon episode trope? :slight_smile:

We don’t let Clover take toys to school, no plans to.

And going further, I’m against “fun” systems that teach kids strange economics, like “trading” or “collectable” card games. It’s like bootcamp level propaganda for arbitrarily valuing nothing.

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