Replace storage drive in lime (Alpha Console)

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The hard drive in my Alienware Alpha Console died. I ordered an SSD to replace it.

I wanted to get it done, following the advice and video at How to Upgrade and Improve the Alienware Alpha - SANTINI.IO, but (ha!) I don’t have a screwdriver that can fit down the holes of the four screws on the case. Not even the one that came with the Fixit kit are thin enough, so I’ve got to track a screwdriver down…

Okay, one trip to Ace Hardware and $4 later, time to crack this thing open…

Hey, it worked!

Updating Fedora 32 right now, with 960GB SSD. :slight_smile:

And I created an account for Clover! It’s really making me rethink how we are gonna share media in our family, and of sharing and using a family computer… I’m pretty excited!


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