Alpha Console

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[quote=“tim, post:2, topic:65, full:true”]I get by on my work MacBook Pro, but that limits a lot of what I can play. Once we move somewhere that would have a place for a gaming PC, I will probably build a new rig.

I’ve been waiting to get my new site up before talking about it, but I recently got an Alpha Console. I splurged, too, and got the highest model, but also 4-year warranty/accidental damage coverage. Altogether it came in at about $1,200, with taxes. Pretty sure I won’t need another gaming machine for at least half a decade, probably more.

It runs Guild Wars 2 at maximum settings at more FPS than I ever got, and makes every game beautiful. I use it mostly to run Steam, where I have just over 400 games, of which I will now play, because I am very interested in this hardware. I even have around 90 games that are made to use the Xbox 360 controller that came with the machine; it really is a PC packaged as a console.

Don’t worry @tim, we are about to embark on a journey of media deconstruction that will see us exploring plenty of indie titles that run on MacOS X (as well as GNU/Linux!). I have this sweet hardware, but it is the “little” games that bring out the adventure. :slight_smile:

That is basically true! I am mentioning here, the extended coverage for the Alpha Console expired recently; I got it for 4 years.

Currently this machine is attached to our TV, and when it does game, it runs Dolphin. Though, now I learned about Proton, I might install Steam again, for a few hard to reach titles.

But who has time to game? Wait, isn’t that what summer is about?!

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