Game Plan 2018

Okay folks, 2017 sucked, and I didn’t get to play games with anyone I know. That sucked, too!

So let’s discuss our gaming goals and current inventory, to see what we can coordinate for 2018. Also, in addition to playing games, I often play “game servers”, and advanced game involving game servers (hence why we call it that). If there are games that need servers, I might be convinced to put the labor in on that front. :slight_smile:

And now I am going to tag folks I’ve played games with, in random order from the users list: @trashHeap, @tim, @judytuna, @susan, @calyhirsch, @adamdash, @cwebber, @justin, @kevin, @malatesta, @justin_, @dan.percival, @kimi, @colin.

Okay, I don’t have any consoles, but I have a Windows machine with Steam on it, and about a gazillion games. I am also very into Guild Wars 2.

I dig RPGs and indie games, but what I am looking for is online, multiplayer games. Could be a heavy time investment or not, depending on how much I am into it.

I want to point out that while GW2 is very pretty and can use a lot of GPU, it still runs on less than stellar hardware, and is free to play for the base game, which is huge and fun and if you complete it with me I will buy you an extension. :slight_smile:

I would also like to find an FPS, because I like shooting people on another team while covering my own. I am not going to play anything with loot crates or other crappy gimmicks, so I may be out of luck there. Of course, there is also Xonotic

I love building games, and stuff like Minecraft. However, I want to avoid Minecraft if possible. Why? Because that is a game I play with kids, and I am afraid to get kids addicted to a Microsoft product. Also, it is very difficult to self-host a modified MC server, technically and legally, so it is a big turn off all around. Are there stable alternatives?

Finally, as @tim has pointed out, the new 2DSXL is white and orange and demands my attention, and while I am holding off a 2DS or Switch, I wouldn’t be completely opposed to portable console gaming, if we actually had a portable console gaming group (which I am gonna call a the PCGG). For me that means four other people that are kinda active.

And of course I will always be down for a match of Wesnoth or any other FOSS game. And MUDs! Though it has to be dope for me to stick with it.

Okay, whatcha got going on? :slight_smile:

Glad you tagged me since I’ve been out of touch so much.

Not sure what’s in my inventory that’s multiplayer. I think most of the
games I own are single player and older.

I’ve been going back to old (as in 10 years old) favorites like Medieval:
Total War (a lot) and Mount and Blade (occasionally).

Still partway through Wolfenstein: The New Order.

I have ARMA III but I’ve barely touched it since my laptop is a bit
outclassed for it.

I was playing a lot of GTA Online but I think I’ve lost some fervor for it.

I’d be interested to find any games where we could play together. In
retrospect Haven and Hearth had a huge number of problems but building a
little settlement together there was one of my all-time favorite gaming


I have played a game that I downloaded on my android called Rucoy Online.
Its pretty simple and was written by 2 people.

There have been some games like Ark Survival that have a building component, but I couldn’t play that with an open server; that game griefs like no one’s business.

I wish there was a game that struck that balance between building stuff and making a cool base, while also being accessible enough for folks to just jump in and interact with everything. Minecraft does that, but only with heavy modding.

The game I really love, which hit such a great balance despite completely asymettrical mechanics, was Giant Citizen Kabuto, which happens to be sold on GOG

Anyone know how to show one’s game list from GOG?

@kevin do you still have a 3DS? Can I count you as one of the PCGG? :slight_smile:

Zee mentioned Don’t Starve Together (which happens to be my favorite AFK activity, as well).

It is currently 40% off in Steam.

@tim reminded me we are always down to play Neverwinter Nights. In fact, I’ve been playing through it recently, it is very relaxing. I happen to know how to run the server (it is 32-bit, so server hosting is running out), but if I did we couldn’t leave it public; there is no credential system anymore. But definitely an option!

Honestly im mostly a solo game player mainly because my attention and time for games can be kind of erratic and trend towards single player. Some thoughts though:

Im putting together a lightweight gaming PC and I might poke my head into a few MMOs. GW2 is definitely on my short list, though im half tempted to start a character from scratch due to how long its been since I plugged into the game.

What are the feelings around Tabletop Simulator? I know it’s proprietary and people would then have to settle on a board/card/other game and learn a game to play within it’s sandbox but ive been meaning to kick the tires on it, Might be good for a virtual board game night? Though god knows what human beings use for voice chat now ontop of that.

@tim mentioned the idea of streaming video game play sessions, like how folks do with Twitch. The idea is similar to going to a friends house to watch them play a game, something I did for many years in the pre-internet gaming era.

I started looking up RTMP technologies, because while I would like to try that out, I am not gonna use Twitch. Surely there has to be a FOSS solution to this! And if not, we can build one. :slight_smile:

For my part, I was kinda split, between getting a year subscription to the Humble Bundle monthly thing, because then I’d have new games each month to play with what I imagine is a substantial part of the internet, but then maloki mentioned not buying any games in 2017 and instead playing through eir Steam library! And considering I have over 800 games, sheesh that sounds like a no-brainer for me.

I think instead of focusing and real-time gaming with friends, I could also work on tools to make it easier to async’ly play games with friends, and to coordinate talking about it. I mean, I’ve always got like 5 alternative social networks in my back pocket, and just trying to manage my own game library could use a helping hand.

Another breakthrough I had is that because I sold @susan’s super kawaii 3DS (along with mine and Clover’s), to buy a Switch, it is either a Switch or no Switch, a new 2DSXL is not a viable option (unless I am prepared for permanent stink-eye whenever I use it, which let’s be honest, there is going to have to be a really awesome Fire Emblem for me to pay that price).

At this point I am leaning against buying a Switch, because did I mention I have 800+ games in Steam, and maybe 600 for Android, and that isn’t even including all the games from my youth that are easily emulated on my GCW-Zero…

I think I might not buy any new games for 2018. :smile:

I think that I am automatically compromised when it comes to games, so investing in software rather than hardware is acceptable for me. As Tabletop Simulator is “SteamOS” compatible it will probably work for me, but then I think it is only sold in Steam…

Swings and roundabouts!

I’ve also gotten a friend primed to run a Fate-based Star Wars one-shot here in these very forums, so our PBEM-gaming might have a sudden spike as we unlock the majesty that is Discourse-based role-playing! :slight_smile:

Dur, forgot to reply to this part!

These questions are the part that interest me! I feel like I will be more flexible with gaming systems in 2018, if only to find the best FLO alternatives. :slight_smile:

Twitch is on the other side of this new line in the sand, because it raises too many flags for me:

  • Platform made to distract and cause addiction in humans
  • Surveillance and data-mining of users
  • Supports Amazon
  • Relies on crap tech stack, closed whenever possible
  • Doesn’t appeal to me in the best case scenario

I’ll overlook that last point if it means learning how to run my own streaming video service! Because some of us “game”, and some of us “game server”. :slight_smile:

As for chatting, I might have a Nextcloud instance for that. Have I mentioned how I had a showerthought that Nextcloud-type systems are the new BBS? Because that is a thought I had!

If I can admit that I kinda need video games to find balance, I can also admit that I also need to know how all the gaming tech works to fully enjoy it. :grimacing:

Probably not going to be at zero but thats part of the intention of rebuilding my gaming PC. Focus on the neglected corners of my steam collection and not invest as much in all new games.

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I hardly got any gaming done this year. It was a really, really tough year. I share a lot, but I didn’t share 90% of the struggle for our small family this year.

Gaming used to be a major outlet for me. I used gaming to think, process, relax. I don’t really do that any more, the time seems to evaporate. But I have found time and interest in making lists of all the games I know about. And that may turn into something new. We’ll see.

Anyhow, in 2019, if you are playing a game, talk about it. Here, if you want. But make sure we are sharing that portion of our nature, otherwise they win.