Welcome to 2018!

Heya folks! It is 2018, probably on most of Earth by the time you read this! Yay! We made it!

I wanted to start a thread about goals, but not in the resolutions style. Just things that currently interest us, and taking this arbitrary moment in time to tap our cultural conditioning of making new plans for a new year.

At the very least, it is an easy date to remember!

Share what you are working on, want to work on, and maybe read what others are doing to see if there is an opportunity to collaborate. :slight_smile:

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Here is my braindump of things I want to work on this year:

  • Game Plan 2018 - playing games with my peeps!
  • New community network services
    • A network for accepting payments online - building out a payment network for individuals
    • Social directory - I think there is a middle ground between social networks and old school yellow pages (the non-commercial side) that hasn’t been tapped, and I’d like to experiment in that space.
    • Friend and group interests finder for culture and games - this is a thing I’ve been working on for years, and it is time to start prototyping.
  • Hardware
    • Build a Nextcloud home server, maybe RPi-based
    • Figure out how to install Libreboot myself, on a cheaply purchased ThinkPad or something
  • Try out Fedora as primary OS
  • Become Prosody expert, learn everything about jabber
  • Blog every day, on maiki.blog and interi.org.
  • Oakland
    • Explore, just walk around and learn about this amazing city
    • Document - in blog, long form, Oakland wiki, maybe get others blogging
    • Directory - I still can’t find information about various things in Oakland as easily as I think we all should
  • Teaching
    • Connect and resource-share with other homeschoolers
    • Create curriculum and teach from expertise - maybe online classes
  • Video
    • Learn how to edit video using modern FLO tools
    • Figure out how to video chat without compromise
    • Learn to stream video
    • Prescribe self-hosting video best practices

I might update this list, these are just things floating in my head as I woke up this morning. :slight_smile:

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I try to keep my new year goals / resolutions to a small list.

  • Finish learning scheme and do something productive with it. (This was a hard to accomplish goal of mine in the last half of 2017.)
  • Write Interactive Fiction in Scheme or Inform 6 and submit it to one of the many annual interactive fiction competitions. In part inspired by GXTalks: GX3 • Day 1 - Make Your Own Damn Game
  • More HUGO things.
  • Work on making more time for personal projects, clear out Tuesday evenings every week for personal projects. (Starts tomorrow).
  • Finish setting up transports behind my XMPP server so I can funnel everything through my Jabber client.
  • Read more.
  • Blog more
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I will do more Hugo things, too! Please loop me in, I spend a lot of time in hypothetical land, so always looking to actually template something. :slight_smile:

  • Restart and catch up with refuting my old blog posts and maybe start new blogging again.
  • Figure out why radical anti-car activism does not exist, or learn to my surprise that it is huge and victory is imminent.
  • Eliminate all suffering, including all past suffering. For this, the universe has to have never existed. Start a religion that believes erasing the universe across all time is possible and desirable.
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I am gonna do that, too! In part because I need to break apart my existing blog still. I’ve been lingering in 2007 for a few months!

Worth blogging about! I’d also like to know this, and I think it is time we do more radical stuff in Oakland. Like removing roads, or highways. Maybe even San Pablo!

You just gave me the first good reason I’ve ever heard for a nihilist cult. I never get minions to dark lords in fantasy. What do they have to gain?! They seek oblivion and suffer for it… but maybe there is a meta game going on, and this feeds into my paracosm/black hole theory of fantasy.

A great writing prompt! :slight_smile:

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I’m all for removing highways, road diets, banning human drivers, etc. But I didn’t have “radical” policies in mind, but radical activism: people putting their lives, or their freedom, or at the very least their reputations and relationships, on the line to fight the murderous car regime.

Interesting reaction. I didn’t think of nihilism at all. This imagined religion doesn’t deny (repudiate) the existence of existence (or some portion thereof, often meaning or morality) but seeks to deny (disallow) existence. The universe exists and has existed and so do meaning, morality, and suffering: this all must be obliterated such that it really never existed.

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