Ripcord - Desktop Client for slack and discord, wretched chat servers*

*dominant, wretched, very proprietary, centralized, and user hostile

Why do I like it?

From the website:


Not made from a web browser
Multiple windows
Multiple accounts
Voice chat
Graphical emoji (including custom emoji)
Tab completion for user names and emoji
Powerful batch editing
Custom bookmark lists for easily accessing only the channels you actually use
Customizable fonts, colors, and sizes
Variable DPI and multi-monitor support
Low CPU and memory usage
Zero GPU usage
No tracking or analytics

From my own notes:

Why is ripcord cool to me?

:white_check_mark: qt gui
:white_check_mark: very responsive, performance is great

✅👎🏽❓ See More

:white_check_mark: can minimize data usage
:white_check_mark: not a web app
:white_check_mark: resize panes
:white_check_mark: customize display font and size
:white_check_mark: supports most slack and discord features
:white_check_mark: bookmark channels
:white_check_mark: bookmark folders!
:white_check_mark: right click context menu is simple, consistent
:white_check_mark: (slack) list ALL threads youre subscribed to compactly
:white_check_mark: (discord) supports voice
:white_check_mark: list open group DMs that may have gotten lost
:white_check_mark: list all active channels
:white_check_mark: list all channels youre in
:white_check_mark: loading isnt insane w/ frames and channel lists
:white_check_mark: all workspaces and channels in one list
:white_check_mark: workspace and channel and DM lists are collapsible
:white_check_mark: can open convos in tabs
:white_check_mark: Tabs show unreads as well as the sidebar, so its very clear how many messages are unread and where theyre from
:white_check_mark: normal pseudo native app look, not “flat” design, kind of utilitarian but w/e form shd follow function
:white_check_mark: can hide “leaving channel” messages abt other ppl
:white_check_mark: keyboard controls dont try to get cute eg switching behavior in code blocks
:white_check_mark: multiple distinct gui themes
:white_check_mark: log window shows all the API calls and more nerdy info
:white_check_mark: uses api and so client versions cant be deprecated on slacks whim like they can with browser version support (:-1:t4: could be an attack vector if the client became worth targeting?)
:question: reinstalling is just as much a pain? can u export settings? (you redownload the binary to upgrade and it still preserves settings so maybe u can)
:question: how’s accessibility? or ease of use for someone new / less familiar with chat?
:-1:t4: cant link to messages (yet, just requested this)
:-1:t4: cant do anything about server-side limitations, :white_check_mark: can proxy tho ^^
:-1:t4: not OSS
:-1:t4: server-side search still sux which isnt this apps fault but it does open search results in a new browser and not in ripcord
:-1:t4: doesnt support reminders, which are implemented annoyingly in the official clients anyways

for once i’m quite okay with being on slack. for the first time ever, i feel a modicum of control and overview that i have only felt on software/protocols that people stopped using years ago. i can go to the rust discord and compactly see all the unread messages since the last time i was online. i can tell that the #beginners channel is poppin and that the #wg-rustfmt channel might be a decent place to go if i want to get involved with something core but that isn’t too noisy.

here’s the supported feature list. it’s also worth observing that perhaps a part of the current situation around proprietary gardens in chat is a reaction to a general online climate of community hostility. sometimes people need hand-holding and slack and discord provide this for so many willing chat & voice users. no amount of technical function can replace actually teaching people to be nice to each other online. :sleepy:

anyways i love this client. too bad it’s :-1:t4: not OSS, and i still have both official clients on my phone, but it’s returned a very nice and comfortable level of functionality to my realtime chat life when i’m at my bigger screens.


Thanks for sharing this, going to test it out this week. My work is all Slack powered. :confused:

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Did you have a chance to try it out?

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I haven’t actually. But I want to start w/it tomorrow!

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So, it’s not that tomorrow, but it is yesterdays tomorrow.

I am trying out Ripcord today and so far I really like it. Having tabs is a game changer. And it’s super low on resource usage (at least on OSX)