Search Party (the movie)

We started watching the movie Search Party and stopped at the first naked public phone call. It wasn’t the relaxing romp we were looking for.

But I did get an awesome quote from @susan from the opening scene:

Fish bowls for her boob holes!

I realized I wish I had shared this anecdote differently. Because this is the internet from space, I can glimpse the alternative timeline…

I ended up watching the rest of the movie, and I’ll just note: it isn’t a very good movie.

If you like the people in it (and chances you will, lots of funny folk), it is fun to watch them do relatively high-budget hijinks. But that is just about it: I mean technically, the movie is poorly paced and has plot holes all over. It feels like four people wrote scripts and a fifth person edited them together and then disappeared and could not be consulted during filming.

But Jason Manzoukas with crossbows!

I would not recommend it, but I am sure someone has compiled the funny parts. And I honestly would be very interested in a spin-off series explaining Berk’s rise, including how to get all weapons gold plated.

Berk crawled out of someone’s home game, for sure! A home game that got weird! And Berk is the best part! :slight_smile: