"Solving" no longer auto-closes

For a long time when a topic was marked as solved it would auto-close after 48 hours. This served two purposes:

  1. To release votes back to users on #quest-board, and
  2. Close #tech-support topics to encourage new ones

Neither of these cases are relevant, according to our use. Closing stuff gets in the way, though.

It turns out to be an easier to follow flow for moving an accomplished quest to another talkgroup, for further processing. For support tickets we end up having great conversations over very long stretches of time, and sometimes we are keeping tech logs that remain relevant as long-term reference logs for a thing, and the “solving/auto-closing” connection isn’t as useful.

So I turned it off. And switched on an option that will filter "solved’ topics for a given list. For instance, Quest Board - talkgroup shows a bunch of quests I can move out (most to #gaming :grimacing:).

Let me know if you have thoughts. :slight_smile:

Do you think I should move my book quests out of #quest-board and into #mediaclub, if they serve as book reports?

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Yeah! I think most of the media quests will probably end up there, just to be more accessible to folks lingering in that talkgroup; I’m explaining this to be encompassing: your book reports are more than welcome, that’s what I hope #mediaclub aspires to post. :slight_smile:

I know that I personally made a mess out of a lot of quests, but I forgive me. :crazy_face: Things like:

  • quest pointing to another, kinda similar quest
  • a post on the subject in #gaming
  • another post on the subject in #prudence

They are all over the place. But, it’s all good, because when we process them to do something, we can remix it all up, ask new questions, spin off new discussions, or have enough to make a neat artifact and go stick it somewhere useful.

I’m trying to clear out #quest-board to release votes back so we get some new energy moving. My experiment in handing out too many votes failed. But it led to this understanding of how it can be used, so I’m getting it back into that state. :slight_smile:

Also, if you see a post that is closed but isn’t apparently, consider opening it if it would be interesting for a user that can’t open it.