Star Trek: Picard

i follow a communist trekkie on social media, and so i’ve heard that the new Picard series is incredible, and that there is a dog named number one. i’ve just signed up for a seven-day free trial of “cbs all access” to watch the first episode. i don’t know very much star trek lore.

watch log

i’m like 45 seconds in and i already believe the hype. every detail is wonderful, from our dear captain’s face, to the slow pan up to data’s, to the minor dust on the table, to…

“Why are you stalling?”
“Because I don’t want the game to end.”


the dialogue is so low that i want to put on earphones.

i’m pissed off at the roku tv’s cbs all access app for not having cc. unless i just can’t find it, but i’ve looked several times.

yes, a dream. we knew that from the pan up to reveal data. i’m amazed at how much these actors can make me feel, even in this brief exchange. i want to slowly pour tea out of a beautiful glass carafe into a beautiful glass cup on a starship. god i’m going to love this show.

it’s all right.

i’m loving this show’s aesthetic. lol at the vases, were they in the dining room on the enterprise in tng, too? love the little flying vineyard bots.

really love this image of future boston. part cyberpunk, part cyber…peace and order? not as much harsh orange. people of color exist.

i love this title sequence. half french vineyard and half cyberpunk-peace.

he speaks in french to the doggy! then he even teases the dog and says “don’t pretend you can’t speak french! we’ve been practicing!” lol.

i didn’t understand this exchange about tge big day and regretting allowing myself to be talked into doing this.

tea. earl grey. decaf??? ROFL

i am loving future-rustic-opulence. and all the little future tech touches. these screens! and the lil drones. it’s so different from the sterile orderliness of the starship enterprise.

hahaha the news

oh dang drama about the romulans and the supernova



what’s this about synthetics? i’m missing a lot. haha.

data. faith.

“because it was no longer starfleet.”


this actor uses big eyes a lot. her eyes are light. green? hazel? is she asian? (i have a lot of weird feelings about mixed asians with really light eyes because of this one time in a luxe restaurant in a ski resort in canada an ex and i ran into one of his white investors with his asian wife and i saw her phone case and said, despite myself, “your kids have the most incredible eyes!” and she said “yes! mixed kids are the most beautiful! do you have kids? this is what you have to look forward to, then!” and i felt bad about fetishizing light eyes in an asian face as i did it and yeah i have issues)

how’d she get here?

“earl grey. never fails.” in a darling red and white teacup this time.

number oooooonnnnneeeeee

gaaaahhhhhh data

lol sleeping on a desk

these aesthetics are just amazing

ah starfleet archive, this is the aesthetic i expected

more soft lighting with halos tho

CAPTAIN PICARD DAY BANNER as seen in TNG gifs. - #18 by judytuna ! hahaha!

o shit this surface thing is coooool. so cool to have updated cgi

index a la alexa

circa 2369. by data. what did the index say the title of the painting was? dahj? dodger?

ooh gritty city shots now. ah, things aren’t as shiny as they seem.

mom has dark eyes

oooo a furiously typing sequence

is this san francisco? cuz starfleet stuff is there? it didn’t show him going there or anything so i wondered if it was still france?


oh “daughter” is the title of the painting

OMG THIS CONVERSATION about being real​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

omg explosions? wait she’s gone? that’s it?

omg all a dream?? cuz he’s already back on his couch at home? wait what? i really did not expect that??? it’s too quiet

i rewound to listen again and it wasn’t just a dream but he is on his couch at home. travel sure is fast. wait i thought she was gonna be a main character. how can she be dead? she must not really be dead? “cloaking device” nice

okinawa but we didn’t get any city shots like we did of boston

b-4, not data. eeeerie. why did they have to lay out his parts like that =(

OH A TWIN! that’s kinda cheating! what about dahj, she’s really dead? i guess so?

ah here is the grotty smoky dark aesthetic. who’s this romulan dark hottie? oh nm not as hot (to me lol) as i first thought. maybe just the predatory stance. hello sister holding the necklace, which we are all going to buy on etsy now. oh they like each other? damn this show moves fast

there is a lot of swooshing. what’s the reveal gonna be? oh it’s the cube in the title sequence! is it something a fan of tng would know?

edit: it’s a borg cube. i was going to type that it looked like borg stuff but i didn’t because i thought i was mistaken. lol. i know SOME star trek stuff! just not a lot!

well, i liked that, and want to watch more. uuuuggghhhhh at waiting a week between every episode!


I’m not starting shows until they are complete seasons. I prefer to watch after the show has ended… but I’ll probably pick up Picard. :slight_smile:


I’m also going to wait until Season 1 is done. But I can’t freaking wait.


I had similar thoughts, but might go ahead and start mid season. I have a lot of local friends and my sister clammering about it; wanting to discuss it.

I am both excited for it, and nervous about it. Trek and I haven’t seen eye to eye in a long time, and I had mostly given up on it. I hadn’t seen Discovery, but also didn’t feel terribly compelled to watch it due to a sense of being burnt once too many times.

Picard is yanking on the nostalgia strings hard and looks to be quite promising. But I dont want to be dissapointed by it either.