System76 ME Firmware Updates Plan

System76 has been on my shit list for a while, but this is both the responsible thing to do, but also pretty cool for them to be in front of it like this, and sharing how they are doing it. Of course, Purism is leading the way.

System76 will likely ship more units than Purism, merely from being established longer. Unless other companies be marked as cowards, they better jump on the bandwagon.

Dell hopped on the bandwagon of undoing Intel’s horrible mistake… well, kinda. They are disabling IME in three models of laptop. Meh.

I am tracking the companies disabling IME, let me know more decide to do the right thing.

Is it worth noting that the libreboot has managed to disable it on a few models? Giving people a few options on aftermarket or refurbished Thinkpads. Applies to all current RYF certified laptops I think.

I definitely want to include those. Do you think I should expand the page to include links to resources of ME?

Scratch that, what is ME? I need to spend some time looking it completely up. I know the version that Intel warned about affected the last three generations, and I read in a few places (without really noting it) that it was different that ME versions in the past.

@trashHeap, I haven’t written it up, but I have in mind a contributor page letting folks know that my site if free to update by anyone, just know it is all CC0, and to add oneself to the authors list in the front matter. So if you have ideas and want to do a more “patchy” contribution, please do so!

I’ve got deadlines this week, so I can’t deep dive on this subject until later. T_T

For quick reference: