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should i split my response about how our wow guild uses google docs/drive/sheets into its own linked topic? doesn’t discourse have a “split topics” feature? i can’t find it in “edit post” or in the three-dots edit menu!

Choose the wrench menu and select posts to be moved, and a contextual menu will show. Grab these meta posts with the split, and let me know if it doesn’t work. :sunglasses:

hmm, this is what shows up in the wrench menu for me:


that is to say, i think i don’t have the option to split?

On my mobile, but its the other wrench. :roll_eyes: The one on the sidebar thing, topic timeline.

Handled. :slight_smile:

ohHHHHhh thAAAt one lol, i forgot about that wrench!

ok here’s what mine looks like

i think i have fewer options than you, which makes sense based on different admin levels we have i guess!

wow i’ve never used this wrench menu before, or its “select posts” sub-menu-feature. this is amazing. there’s options to select all, select a single post, select it and its reply, or select it and all below… that’s really cool!

this is a really cool piece of software!

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I use Discourse more than anything else. My mainstay is five instances:

  • talkgroup
  • my email
  • survey st (fairie circle instance)
  • meta.discourse
  • gohugo

I’m a mod or more on four of them. :sunglasses:

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