TP for the year!

Our family tries to critically think through as much of our daily routines as possible. That’s why when we order toilet paper, @susan orders it from a supplier. 80 rolls of 100% recycled TP.

We do it this way because the rolls are individually wrapped in a sheet of paper, no plastic sheets. And we get it in a big ol’ box, the one they ship it in. Our hope is we cut down on a bit of fuel, at least from a distro warehouse to the store, where we’d otherwise buy it. And finally, ordering it this way, for our family (your mileage may vary), means we only order once every six months.

Time, effort, energy, we’re trying to tackle it all here. So it’s frustrating when we order and get a notice it was delivered, and then it is not there. Like, this is not the package you pick up and run away with: it’s still 80 rolls of paper, which is very, very thin tree.

We waited the 24 hour period that one is supposed to wait after the time the package is allegedly delivered. And they figured it out, sent us a new one! It arrived the next day!

Except of course it wasn’t the second parcel, but the first! And now the second one arrived. And I am cleaning out my closet, because I really need to, but also because I have 160 rolls of TP to put away. :slight_smile: